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Thread: Router Bits SOLD

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    Router Bits SOLD

    All Sold, gone. Thank you.I

    am going to throw this out here, not expecting a buyer here (I'll be posting on the shopbot forum also)....

    I have a collection of router bits (cnc, pattern cutting oriented). Some are brand new, some are used but can be sharpened, some are used and already sharpened.

    Not going to list them all, but, I can assure anyone a great value.

    Example: 6-7 NEW CMT 812.595.11 3/8" straight cutters, 1/2" shank
    3 new boxes of 10, Leitz inserts 30X5.5X1.1 No. 5189
    1 Hurkin big V-Cutter bit...probably cost me $80...
    2 Hersaf Keyhole Bits Solid Carbide...these are the best keyhole bits on the market. Cost new $49 or so.
    Enough other bits to necessitate shipping in a flat rate box rather than a envelope.......if you do a lot of routing this is quite the package.

    If anyone is brave enough to trust and deposit $150. in my paypal account, I'll mail them anywhere in the U.S.

    Come on now, you know your mail man loves these heavy tiny boxes!

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