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Thread: Happy Canada Day....... eh!

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    Happy Canada Day....... eh!

    Happy Canada Day to all my fellow Canucks! Click image for larger version. 

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    Thanks Stuart
    To you suffering Canucks abroad, eh, bests wishes! Had birthday cake today, celebrating the BC150 anniversary also. The Golden Museum has 150 memorabilia items on display for lifestyles of yesteryear. Fireworks tonight.

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    Happy Canada Day to all our northern neighbors! And to those with an easterly dislocation too! Eh!

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    Happy Canada day neighbors.....
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    Happy Canada Day to you Canuck family members.


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    Why thank you!

    "Celebrated" this morning by biking 108km with 3 friends. Gorgeous weather for a change. In a half hour or so we're going to pack up to drive over to the fireworks venue. (and then sit for a while to let it get dark. Our family "demands" front row seats... )

    My American friends have it nicer as having July 4 on Friday means it'll be a nice long weekend, versus having July 1 here on Tuesday. Thanks to leap year, it'll be Tuesday again next year, and then Wednesday, then Thursday... won't be a long weekend here again until 2012.
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    Oh, Canada... Happy Canada Day!! Jim.
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    Wow, Canada day is here already? I'll have to hurry and get out my goat skins, wild stag horns and torches. It's not sundown here for another few hours so I have some time. Does anyone remember how much wild muskrat blood is appropriate to keep the evil Canadian spirits away until the fall equinox? I know how important it is to keep those Good Canadian Spirits happy.

    Congrats to our Canadian brethren up north in Canada, America's hat.


    Actually, the history of Canada Day is quite interesting. From my reading, you folks up there weren't actually a technically, fully independent state until as late as 1982. (stinkin' selfish British)

    Congrats to all you Canucks!!!

    (Now, give us our oil that you're so smugly sitting on.)
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    Thanks, Mark.

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    Had a 'blue' to celebrate. Labatts to you Yankees.

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    Man, I didn't even get my Canada Day cards and gifts mailed yet. We are way behind. We've been so busy we still haven't even put away the Groundhog Day decorations.

    I hope all you Canucks (wherever you might be) have a good one, and toss back a cold one of your choice in honor of Lord Monck.
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