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Thread: Source for old motors

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    Source for old motors

    I've recently started digging into an old Delta light duty shaper. I'm planning on building new storm windows for the house before winter shows up again and need to get this thing running.

    As it turns out, the 1/2 hp 3450 rpm motor that was on it is shot - short in the windings. So, i'm lookking for a 1/2 hp or larger single phase 3450 rpm motor i can put on it - standard mounting base - nothing fancy.

    I've checked all my usual sources for used motors and haven't come up with anything less than $80. I'm a bit of a bottom feeder, so that's a touch out of my budget. I certainly don't mind rebuilding if the windings are good. Grunge, rust, bearing chatter, and old cords don't scare me off.

    Any midwestern sources out there? I'm in St. Louis, but can certainly spring for parcel post if the price is right.

    Thanks in advance,

    Paul Hubbman

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    Antique shops, flea markets, garage sales. Would motors from old refrigerators work? There are usually lots of those behind appliance stores. Surely there must be some businesses in your area that repair or rebuild old motors, check phone book.

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    What about a HVAC repair place...should have some old blower motors.
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    I have a Marathon 1HP, 3450RPM, single phase, dual capacitor, 56 frame, open (not TEFC), reversible, dual voltage (right now wired for 220V) that I'll sell for a reasonable price. If interested, send me your e-mail address by PM and I'll send you pictures. I bought it new to put on my contractor's saw but shortly after I found a 2HP TEFC so the 1HP never got much use.

    Shipping could be expensive. I'll weigh it so I can give you an estimate - send me your zip code also if interested.

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