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Thread: Silly / odd things we make for our shops...

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    Silly / odd things we make for our shops...

    Here is my sorta silly thing. I really like the BIG HD contractor trash bags. So I needed something to hold them.

    I scavanged some crate material and built this.... It's really useful, but one of those things I sorta laught to myself about...

    The frame work, so you can see the "design"

    Attachment 21969

    The "thing" at work, holding a bag

    Attachment 21968

    And YES it does have wheels... Has to have a "mobile" base....

    Attachment 21970

    So what's your contribution ????

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    Great job Bartee

    Boy now I do with my shop was bigger. Well maybe but I think I'd still be better off with the 2 20 gallon garbage cans I have. Something that works good to holds the bag in place on a garbage can is those springs that you can use to hold curtains in a camper. I just hook 2 of the spring together & they snap down over the rim holding the bag in place.
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