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Thread: One more curly silver maple bowl

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    One more curly silver maple bowl

    Here's another of the salvaged Craigslist "firewood" silver maple. The walls are a relatively consistent 3/16-1/4" thick, with the bottom slightly thicker for weight. I did this one about a month ago, but my mother wanted this one as a gift for a friend. I had to get pics of it this morning after getting off nightshift, so I thouht I'd share. It is about 7" dia. and 5" tall. Finish is three coats Minwax Antique Oil & paste wax

    Sorry for the really crappy pics. My shop is at my folks' house, so I just took pictures on their counter. The bowl is a heck of a lot more "lively" looking in person. The digital camera seems to wash out the color.

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    That's another nice one. Nathan. I can tell that wood has a lot going on in it.
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