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Thread: Personal Website Gone

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    Personal Website Gone

    Greetings all

    I am no longer out standing in my field. For many years, 10 years to be specific, I maintained a personal website that had pictures of my turnings, as well as a few articles I had written about various turning processes. Many people referred to that website, usually the articles.

    In March of 2006 I changed my ISP to get high speed service, and put an announcement on the front page of that website that it could be going away at any time. It took them a little longer than I anticipated, but it is finally gone. I am posting this for anyone who might have had links to it, or who referred to it when certain questions came up.

    I do have all the information archived, and it will be reappearing in due course. I cannot say where, because that would be advertising. Suffice to say many people will be able to deduce its location.

    Bill Grumbine

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    Bill, when you have it up, easy to find or not, add it back to your profile here so that everyone can locate it! Jim.
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    Hey Bill how are ya? Yep make sure you put it back in your profile. I went to your site often.
    Bernie W.

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    Bill, if you are upfront about your relationship with the hosting of the site etc, it is NOT a problem, we are NOT SMC here
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    Are you referring to the site? It seems to still be live, at least right now. Moving and revising websites can be a chore, for sure.

    And to add to what Stu mentioned, you can even put your website URL in your signature here if you'd like.
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