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Thread: Lacquer ettiquette

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    Lacquer ettiquette

    Finally picked up a rattle can of lacquer to try on a project or two, and was wondering what is done between coats. I was planning to rub it out with 0000steel wool between coats, but do you also rub out the final coat, or should I wait a week or so and then Beal it to death? Or am I totally of base with all this from the get-go?

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    Lacquer dries very fast so you can put coats on one after another in fairly quick succession. Unless you get some junk in the finish, I'd just spray the next coat on and wait until I was finished to do the rub out. I try to wait a couple of days to let the lacquer get good and hard before I rub it out.

    Normally, I use very fine steel wool lubricated with mineral oil. If I want to get it to a high shine, I follow with rubbing compound.

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    I have done a lot of pens with Deft spray lacquer. Did a lot by waiting overnight between coats and carefully sanding with the finer grits of Micro Mesh. Then was advised that not necessary. Now, only wait about 15 minutes between coats, no sanding. Can't see any difference. Only works with Deft brand. Don't ask me why.

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    Ron you don't have to sand or steel wool between coats. Lacquer burns or melts into itself so no need for sanding. On pens and lidded boxes I spray a coat every 30 minutes with 3 to 7 coats depending on the look I want.
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    After I get 4/5 light sprays of lacquer applied I let it dry/cure for a few days then run through the mirco mesh grits starting at 8000

    I use clear high gloss Rust Oleum. Not expensive, durable and a very shiny finish.


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