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Thread: First wood turned since the arm incident of '07

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    First wood turned since the arm incident of '07

    I turned this for a pen swap on a different site. First wood I turned since I lost the battle with gravity. Dyed maple burl, african blackwood on a streamline kit. The center is a socket and tennon to hide the brass tube.
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    Lookin' fine. Keep turning.

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    Nice-looking pen. I'll bet it feels good to get back into the spin of things.

    Your 'gravity' comment reminded me of a t-shirt I got after I had a 3-story fall a few years ago...

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    Yep, gravity sucks!

    Nice looking pen Dale, looks like you remember how
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    First wood turned since the arm incident of '07/gravity

    Very classy looking pen Dale. Nice job indeed. I haven't tried any pens, yet.

    Sorry Stu, "There is no such thing as gravity, the earth sucks"

    Aloha, Tony
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    Beautiful pen Dale. Very well done.
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    Dale, congrats on getting back to the turning. The pen looks great!

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