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Thread: Washable AC Filters ?

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    Washable AC Filters ?

    Anyone using the metal washable AC Filters in their home? I use the Filtrete (Red paper replaceable) filters at $12 a pop and get 4-6 weeks before replacement.

    The metal washables are pricey ($40-$80 ? ) but would pay-off in a reasonable time, question is do they work well and are there any hidden 'glitches' to 'em?

    I've seen them in the both the borgs, can't seem to find them on their websites though. It's something like this one

    Any info / suggestions is greatly appreciated.


    Tony, BCE '75

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    Tony...when I replaced my a/c and furnace 10 years ago, the contractor convinced me to buy a metal filter that has 3 different materials of filters in it. It supposedly sets up a static charge and does a better job of filtering. I paid in the neighborhood of $100 for it. It seems to work very well. I just take it outside...hose it down. Let it dry and reinstall it. My neighbor replaced his furnace and a/c a short time later with the same unit I bought. He got one of the more expensive electric charge air filters. He's satisfied with it but not convinced it's significantly better. We live in a very arrid climate. As a result we have a lot of air borne dust and pollens. We have our entire HVAC ductwork professionally cleaned every 3-4 years. With 10 years of wear on the filter and no sign of wear , I can't imagine it failing in my lifetime.

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