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Thread: New Welder

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    New Welder

    I bought a small flux cre welder but the plug on the cord has one vertical prong and one horizontal prong. I have been told that I need a 20 amp circut with 12/2 wire.

    Welder is 12V
    Duty cycle 20%at 70A
    Output current is 25-70A
    Input 15Afor min heat settings and 20A for Max settings.

    This will be a big job to run a new circut with 12/2 wire but I will if it is a safety concern.

    Do I need this.

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    Hi Ivan

    Could we get a name and model of the welder, and did you buy it new, or second hand?

    A picture of the plug would be nice too.

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    One vertical and one horizontal? That's a 20a circuit alright ... but it could also be 220v as well. By any chance does it look like this one?

    If so, then it's 110v 20a - your plan of action is okay - wire up with 12ga wire and a 20a breaker. It's absolutely a safety concern if you switch that plug out to a 15a plug and run it on "high". If the breaker you're using doesn't trip, fire won't be far behind.

    On the other hand... If it looks like this:

    Notice the OTHER prong is sideways. You've got a 220v welder and will need a 220v circuit to run it. 220v welders are pretty common, for sure. It also is rated for 20a, but that means 20a on TWO legs, which is twice as much power as the 110v version. You'd still wire it up with 12ga wire (and 12/2 is fine, just mark the white wire with black to show it's hot), but you'd have to use a 220v breaker, which will take up double the space in your box.

    I'm oversimplifying things electrically speaking because we're not 100% sure which way you need to go. Given the specs you have given, I'd almost bet you've got a 220v welder. A 20% duty at 70A sounds like a spec i'd only see on a 220v welder - though i'm far from an expert on all models out there.

    It's very important to get this worked out before you go stickin metal together, though. If you have any electrician friends who owe you a favor, now's the time to call 'em!
    Jason Beam
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    Just bumpin' this up a bit ... Hoping Ivan's still with us.
    Jason Beam
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