Well, it has been a while and yes I did have my safety glasses on. But I have two numb fingers, ring finger and little finger on my left hand. Have been numb for a few months now. Doc seems to think I put a permanent kink in my crazy bone (which really isn't a bone). So if you "crack your crazy bone" and know how the fingers tingle, that is my left hand all of the time. Anyway, trying to build a pen using a cartridge for the nib end and the deer's antler that cartridge brought down on the clip end. Had to tear the nib end apart and got my metal push rod stuck in the brass cylinder so put it all on the vise, and grabbed of course a phillips screwdriver to push the push rod back out, well, was stuck better than I thought so holding the shaft of the screwdriver with left hand reached and grabbed a hammer. (know where this is going???) Yep about the third or fourth "tap" I tapped that dang screwdriver through yep through, yep two holes, yep a little blood dripping. Oh well, numb finger, didn't hurt to pull the screwdriver back out. Or wash it or use it to type this. Doesn't look real purty, but what the heck, as Larry could tell you, I'm not real purty anyway, so nothing lost!!!!!!!! Be careful at the end of the day in the shop and always, always wear those safety glasses!!!
Won't ask who was thinking about alcoholic screwdrivers!!!!!