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Thread: Jumper cables and other monday stuff

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    Red face Jumper cables and other monday stuff

    Went out to start up the office (van) this morning, and had a dead battery, I must have left one of the many auxiliary systems On last thursday and it drained the battery down. Yuck...

    so... check the truck, nope, no cables, hmmm, must be in the wife's car. OK, schlep on down to the store where she works, retrieve same, come back, hook truck to van, charge van. Go inside to gather my gear for the day, load same into van, try and make sandwich for lunch... no bag to pack it in, daRn-it-all mutter mutter give up and go try and start van... which does on the first try.
    Unhook cables, stow in Van (most recent vehicle to have a dead battery keeps the cables), move truck out of way, and then head off to work.

    Now I'm sitting downtown getting my day organized, and i keep 'hearing' this scraping sound from the bottom of my chair. My butt is dragging big time this morning.
    Hope that a good cuppa joe will make things better.

    thanks for reading. hope your day is going better than mine is so far.

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    Rainy days and Mondays.......

    Hope it improves!
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    I carry on of the jumper battery things in my truck. I've rescued many a folk in parking lots. Seldom need it for the truck but use on garden tractor several times a year. Good investment.

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    I've got a set in all of my four wheeled vehicles, as well as a tow rope, I've used them all at various times, cheap insurance!
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