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Thread: A few odds and ends

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    A few odds and ends

    A few different things.I'm afraid I get bored just doing traditional bowls and goblets etc and can't help playing with tatty wood and trying something new.

    Heres a few different ones.

    Oak, 4" dia

    Yew the bottom is left original for the main part, just smoothed a bit for handling

    Yew with ebonised oak spout (too tight to buy the real thing

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    Very innovative and interesting. I think the fly on the second bowl appreciates it too.

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    Nice work, Pete. The yew with the oak spout is my favorite of the bunch.
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    Yew Rock!!!

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    Those are really unique and attractive turnings, Pete. I think I like the candle holder best and I may try that myself.

    Question - How the heck did you turn that fly? Can you post a tutorial?

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    Pete those are all beauties. I would like a tutorial on the fly to. Well done.
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