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Thread: Anybody know what a Fray #66 Ratcheting Bit Brace is worth??

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    Anybody know what a Fray #66 Ratcheting Bit Brace is worth??

    My dad is getting rid of some old tools and fished this out from somewhere. There's just enough writing left that I'm pretty sure this is a #66 Fray shown here
    His is in need of a cleaning/degreasing but all the moving parts work smoothly and the bits look in good shape to me (but I'm no expert). He asked me what I thought it was worth and I told him there was a human subspecies called Neanderthals that would probably pay more than he did new. Haven;t been able to find any past auctions with any prices to go by for a #66. So what's one of these worth?

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    Unless Fray is considered collectible, braces in general don't bring much as you have probably seen. You can pick up them up all day long for $10. Now, I am not a collector! I am a user so I am not well versed in the collector side and this might be a desirable brand.
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    Unless it is unique in some way, Jeff hit it with his reply. I suggest you clean, put bits away and hang high in your shop. You will reach for it about once a year to do something nothing else will handle.

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    I've not heard of Fray. It may be a hardware store's 'brand name' that was made by Stanley, Millers Falls, etc.

    As Jeff already said, braces generally don't command very high prices.

    Frank's advice is good.

    The only thing 'other-than-ordinary' about yours is the short throw. It looks to be maybe only 4", making it better suited for close quarters work. OTOH, the shorter throw also means you'll be working harder to turn it - particularly with the large bits.
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