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Thread: 1st lidded box

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    1st lidded box

    I finally attempted a lidded box. All comments are welcome. Not the best picture but I was in a hurry to take. The wood is cherry. I did not finish because it was more of a trial effort. Definitely learned a few things, especially how quickly you go from too tight to too loose.
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    Go ahead and finish it. That is a great first box. Don't worry about a tight fitting lid because some don't like them. My sister wanted on but wanted the lid a little loose as she has arthritis in her hands bad. The LOML likes them looser. So finish it and then post some pic's. That is a good looking little box. Make a nice ring box.
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    Yep, there is nothing wrong with that at all, you dun good!

    Finish it, even with just a wipe on finish or wax, sign and date it, there is only "one" first one, and that is it!

    You will find you get better at fitting the lids as you go along, but also, like Bernie says, the fit is really up to the person who gets the box, also, I find that the seasons can really change the fit, on some woods.

    Thank for showing us your first box!
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    I agree with the others...finish that puppy up. It's a keeper.

    IMHO, lids with a tight fit are only impressive to other turners. They're not the ones who will be using the box.
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    Gary Well Done. As others said, it's your first so finish it, sign and date it. Then compare it to your next, and your next, and your....
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    Nice job Gary , you did a nice job, so keep turning them. Mitch

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    Looks good to me!

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    Looks good to me. I agree, sign and date. There is only one first.

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    Do not put down your own work, in a learning process each new one will be better but as it has been said there is only one "first"
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