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Thread: Trying something new.

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    Trying something new.

    I am trying something new for me. Working on a few small boxes for gifts for Christmas. Had some rather plain looking maple I cut up and was looking for an idea for the tops. I had tossed this idea around before so I decided to go ahead and try it.

    I had some spalted sweet gum chunks laying around that I thought I might turn bowls with. I ran one threw the bandsaw and cut up some thin strips. The glued them to some 1/8 ply I had laying around. They are currently in my veneer press (plywood, wax paper and a stack of concrete blocks) drying. If all goes well, tomorrow I will cut them to size and use them in the tops of the boxes.

    I have some spectacular spalted dogwood that I have been saving for this purpose. But wanted to try it on something else and learn how. Anyone else done this? It's a little late to ask for advice I guess.

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    I did these many moons ago for Christmas presents. It's spalted maple on kingwood with some yellowheart corner splines. I've since realized there are a few more interesting things you can do with the spalty stuff. If you bookmatch 2 slices you can very often find sections where the spalt lines will form interesting odd shaped rings crossing the joint line if you glue them up then cut your pieces out of the middle. You end up not using the outer portions, but the effect is pretty cool.
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