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Thread: Hitachi Saws?

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    Hitachi Saws?

    I have a little money to spend and am 95% sure on a Hitachi C12FDH compound miter saw and a new Hitachi C10FL table saw.

    I would DEEPLY APPRECIATE your opinions on these!

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    You say you have very little money to spend, then concentrate on a good Table Saw. with it you can do near everything a CMsaw, with jigs and fixtures and aquired skills. It is more useful and important to have a good Tablesaw for a host of reasons. Make sure it is a standard cast Iron top with 3/4 Miter guide slots, A good Throat (oval in shape) and such features, then extras and add-ons can be acquired later.

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    The Hitachi table saw has gotten mixed reviews, I know of at least one member here who had problems with it, and another who loves it

    I have the older 8" SCMS, and it is not new at all, yet it is bang on dead accurate every time, I'd buy another in a heartbeat.
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