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Thread: Windows XP and ZoneAlarm......

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    Windows XP and ZoneAlarm......

    If you are running Windows XP and ZoneAlarm Firewall, Windows Security update KB951748 when load will render your computer unable to connect to the Internet.

    I know. The last thing I did this morning before leaving the house was update my home computer. This evening it would not connect to the Internet or get email

    I tried a different Cat 5 cable between my computer and hub. I tried different ports on the hub.

    I contacted my cable provider who made aware of this new development.

    In ZoneAlarm, if you place you Internet Security to Medium you will be able to get to the ZoneAlarm Homepage where you go to Technical Support and there is a temporary fix for the problem.

    After the fix, you can take the Internet Security slider back to high. I'm typing this on the effected computer following the fix.

    It doesn't seem to be effecting Vista Users.

    Good luck!

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    Thanks Ken
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    Thanks Ken, I've been dealing with this problem all day, have to shut down ZA to get on the net on one computer, the XP computer

    I'll go and get the "Fix".........

    I'm really not liking ZA much anymore, seems every time it does an "Update" I have to spend time dealing with it

    Time to buy a Mac
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    Zoned Out!

    Thanks Ken
    I had no clue what had happened, knocked off internet. Funny, you scratch your head, change alot of things, recheck. Then go to another computer that works. Voila! Updating ZA and hoping it works, and did not harm anything else by tinkering.

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    It's the Windows XP Update that causes the ZoneAlarm to render your computer useless.......

    I blame the Windows Update. To me...that's like updating your current computer to Vista or buying a new computer with Vista to find out none of your peripherals work....

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    I went through the same thing last night. Had to turn zonealarm off, confirm the problem, then turn it back on and change the settings. If the kidlies weren't playing games on that machine, I'd just use the delivered firewall, but with them I need the added protection...



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    There's a free downloadable upgrade available at ZoneAlarm now. It now works with the Windows Security patch.

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    Windows 2000 is affected too.
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