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Thread: Some Elm Bowls

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    Some Elm Bowls

    These are all elm around 8" wide and 4" tall. The second one has warped a little and the 2 others might still as well. The last one had a crack I filled with charcoal dust and CA. I added a detail pic of that too. Finish is Watco oil and I think I will add some laquer later to make the grain shine a little more.

    I left them all kinda thick to show the grain better. I've been looking at lots of websites of Irish and English turners and I love the look of thicker bowls. (the smaller pucker factor helps too!) Please let me know what you think.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeff Bower View Post
    I love the look of thicker bowls.
    I totally agree!

    These are beautiful, thanks for sharing.

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    Nicely done, Jeff.

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    Well done Jeff. Good looking pieces.
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    Those show the wood very nicely, Jeff. I think the thicker bowls are more likely to crack when drying, but as you've shown, there are ways of working around (or with) cracks.
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    Jeff - I agree, thicker shows off the grain better! Beautiful wood - interesting forms! Gives everything a more 'modern' art feel to it! Looking forward to seeing what variations you come up with!

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    I think that Elm is one of the nicest grained wood that I've seen. I've turned a few bowls from Elm wood and the grain has always been lovely (even if my bowls haven't been) I'm not sure about the thick bowls. I don't dislike them, but I'm going to have to try turning one and see it up close before I can decide how they suit me. Your bowls are quite nice, and I think the "extra" thickness makes them look different from a bowl that's just not finished.

    cheers eh?

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