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    bethel springs TN, but was born and raised in north east PA

    turned box

    hey all.
    As i'm new to this forum,and don't do much lathe work,but am trying.
    I thought i'd show ya a pic of my secound turned box. there is no way
    i'm showing the first as it's been put in the wood stove.
    It's made of holly and popular,with the popular being painted black.
    All neg commets welcome.
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    Welcome aboard, Steve. Nice-looking box, especially for your first one. (Or at least the first one that didn't down down in a blaze of glory.) Save it and you'll have fun looking back at it in a year or so.

    Oh only said negative comments were welcome. I take that all back. could have finished painting the wall below the shelf.

    Just kidding - you look like you're off to a good start.
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    Welcome to the Family Steve!

    Great looking effort, especially for your 1st (surviving) one!

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    Welcome Steve. Good looking piece. They will get easier and your finials will get more delicate as time goes. Keep'em coming.
    Bernie W.

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    Welcome to the Family Steve! Good looking lidded box! Looking forward to seeing more of your work!

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    bethel springs TN, but was born and raised in north east PA
    Thanks all
    As i have know one around to give me tips or advice, and have never seen anyone turn in person. The only place to get info is on the net.I just read posts like ya'll"s and look at pics. Now if ya need a house built i can do that with my eyes closed.

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    Stephen welcome to the vortex. There is a lot of info on the web, and DVD's you can buy or rent. Thats how I learned, loved Bill Grumbines bowls made easy DVD. Great if you want to do bowls. I've watched some of Cindy D's demos on the web, great for boxes. I just started doing HF and was lucky to get a private 5 hour lesson with Wally Dickerman. Check to see if you have a local turning club, or at the local tool and wood stores for some one that could mentor you.
    You did a great job on your box, keep up the good work...Bruce
    PS don't trash your first works, because in a few months you can look at them and say what was I thinking? I'm sure you saw a huge difference between your first and second box, wait till you have 50 or a 100 under your belt. I keep my first bowl hidden in the corner, just as a reminder to keep improving. I don't know how many I've blown up on the lathe, trying something new. Or not watching my bevel and having a NASA type catch (sending the piece into orbit). Good luck, your on your way, very nice box.
    Always like learning something new!

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