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Thread: Cooperstown NY attractions?

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    Cooperstown NY attractions?

    Hello all:

    My son wants to go the the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown NY.

    We are trying to book a hotel room in the area and everything is booked up.

    Anyone have any recommendations on areas/places to stay within 45 mins or so?

    Thanks in advance


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    Lakeport NY and/or the nearest hotel
    Induction weekend the hotels in Utica always book up quickly, often a year in advance. Have you tried Binghamton? Sounds 'far', but travel time wise it wont be much more than Utica sincre I-88 runs right near cooperstown.

    if you'll expand just a little further to Rome or Oneida NY you might have luck also.

    I grew up in Utica and live just half an hour west of there currently.

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    We stayed in Oneonta when we visited Cooperstown. Plan on more than 1 day. I am not a baseball fan but the LOML is. We spent two days there. Gorgeous country and the BB HOF is worth the trip. There is also a Farming museum there that gets a lot of visitors.

    Park at one of the parking lots as you come into town. Buy a ticket and you can ride the "trolley" all day long. It was cheap 10 years ago....$1. The parking was free then.

    On mainstreet....the signs said 20 minute parking IIRC and the wreckers/tow trucks were doing record business.

    Enjoy. It is worth the trip.

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