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    Segmented Thing

    Just finished this one off. It's been in the works for several weeks. I made a ring or two a day of varying thickness as I got the scrap wood. I didn't really have a vision at first, but it evolved into the form you see. I'm thinking I should wing it more often, maybe I will have better results. The woods are primary; Honduran Mahogany, and accent and neck is Walnut. There is quite a bit of variation in the Mahogany since I used scrap from several different sources. I made it in three sections: the body, the shoulders, and the neck, then attached them and evened up the whole thing. It is 13" high by 8" wide. There is more contrast in the woods that I could get the pictures to show, I think I need a darker background. BTW this is my first segmented piece. Barry
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    Number 1 or number 100, that's a nice-looking piece, Barry.
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    Yep, you should definitely wing it more often. I've never done a segmented piece but that one looks great. Very nice.

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    That is a beauty. Like Cody said you need to wing it more often. Well done.
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    Wow! If that is your first segmented piece then I can't wait to see your 10th.

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    Thanks guys, I guess it's like they say "even a blind hog finds an acorn every once in a while"

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    Barry for using "scrap wood and winging it" the result looks really good. Sometimes the most satisfying pieces that we produce are the ones we create or wing on the lathe

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