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Thread: Now that I have a saw looking for a great stand

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    Now that I have a saw looking for a great stand

    Ok Looking for opinions of a great miter saw stand. I want one that I can set up in the shop and bring to a work site. Looking for all opinions but would really like to hear from guys doing this professionally also

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    I originally bought the Dewalt stand, great stand- solid and sturdy. Then I got the Ridgid SUV. I use the Ridgid SUV, It's easier to handle, fold and move around, don't have to take the saw off to move it. In my shoip and around the house it works great.

    IF I were a contractor carrying it around from job site to job site and somewhat younger -- I'd go with the Dewalt.
    For shop use and simplicity to fold up and stick in the corner out of the way -- I'll stay with the Ridgid SUV.

    BTW If you want a used DeWalt stand and live in the area -- PM me!

    Tony, BCE '75

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    I have the original Rigid SUV...actually, I have 2. One for my planer and the other for my DeWalt miter saw. They are stable, and fold up nicely for transport or storage.

    The newer is somewhat similar, but I don't have any first hand experience with one.

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    I have the MSUV Greg has. Love it.
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    Another vote for the Ridgid MSUV. I use it mostly for my planer, but the miter saw goes on it from time to time, too.
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    i have a ridgid and a trojan.......the trojan is easily 10x the stand! much lighter, easier to move in and out of jobs, longer general a better unit. lots of guys like the ad&e stand but it requires 2-3 trips to set up although it does offer measured stops.
    either way you go invest in a 15$ electric pencil sharpener to attach to the stand, you`ll be glad you did!
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    Every once in a while that ridgid would go on sale for 99 bucks. I waited, waited, then grabbed one on sale. I'm sure Tod's right about the other one... but it's hard to beat $99, if you can find the new one for that...



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    I don't have a stand for my mitresaw, but I know the Ridgid MSUV gets high marks from alot of people.

    let us know what you end up with.
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    I have the (what else? ) Grizzly H7657.

    The price is excellent and it is a very stout stand. But, the wheels are small and it is difficult to move around anywhere except on a smooth floor.

    There are other makes with much larger wheels. For what you need, do check out that feature before making a decision.

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    We now divide our time between southwest Florida and southwest Vermont.
    I bought the newer version of the Ridgid MSUV to mount my Makita 10" slider, and have moved it several times. Very pleased with it, especially since I caught it on sale.

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