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Thread: Proud Papa and Teacher gloat

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    Proud Papa and Teacher gloat

    Well, one of my Wood's student entered his lathe project in the 4H Woods project division. It was a canister set (3) made of walnut with lids, won Overall Grand Champion in the Woods division!!!!

    My youngest daughter last year entered two slimline pens in Basic Crafts, won Overall Grand Champion in that division. This year she made and entered a Cigar pen using a scrap piece of wood that I haven't id'ed yet, and a Rollerball using yellowheart wood. Grand Champion overall again, and the judge's husband said he would look for them at the State Fair while judging that division. Hmmmm.

    Yep, as Larry would say, "purty proud 'deed!!".

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    Woot! Congrats, Jonathan.

    Must be due to good teaching.
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    Congrats. Great teachings going on there.
    Bernie W.

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    Congrats on both accounts Jonathan!

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    Thank you gentlemen for the kind words. Was a great fair all in all. Youngest is now completed with her ten years. Next few years won't be the great "push" to finish and get all projects to the county fair.

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    How about some pictures with that gloat.

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    I'd like to see the pics as well
    Best regards,

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