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Thread: Website Opinions

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    Website Opinions

    Hey Ya'll,

    I hope this okay to put up... I would like your opinion on our website I just started for our wood working. We've had a lot of people ask us about a website. So I'm trying to get one done/figured out before Hillsboro (next show).

    What I've got up is pretty much a testing phase for the look and feel. And I'm trying to iron out the kinks for payments and shipping. Take a little look around and tell me what you think. An honest objective opinion is what I'm needing. Thanks.


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    Nice start.

    One minor criticism: Your 'product' pages open in new windows (MSIE 7), but the 'about' and 'contact' pages stay in the same page as 'home.' I'd suggest making all of them open the same.
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    Looks good but maybe a little to complex.

    Clicking on links seem to open many new windows.

    Displaying your address and kids names may not be the best idea.

    I know you need contact but maybe a PO Box.

    There are lotza nuts surfing the web looking for kids names to contact.

    I have various websites and I get tons of junk mail but burried in the junk are orders so I need to glance at most of it.

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    I did a little updating.... all opinions are welcome.

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    I am impressed and I don't say that often about web sites. It's a good looking site. Not opening in a new window is an improvement too.

    I would either drop the PayPal logo, use something less obtrusive or my preference, edit their image so that the white becomes transparent and blends into the site. It jumps out now and ruins the looks IMO.
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    Looks good. I like the shopping cart also. One thing...besides coming to buy your work, what else are you offering? Any good tips, how-to's, links to other sites? I guess what I'm getting at is that it's always good to provide additional reasons for coming back. A favorite links page is always good way to share other ww links, but it also helps you with getting listed in the search engines. Most of the engines will rate you based on how many other creditable sites list links back to your site.

    Good Luck!

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    Looking good, Jon. I agree that having the pages all open in the same window is a better approach. I sent you a PM with some suggested tweaks to the text on your home page. (It's the editor in me.)
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    Jon, I like it at well. It's simple without to many photos or text. Less is more...Well Done.
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