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Thread: Most likely a new addition to our family

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    Most likely a new addition to our family

    She is a rescue dog from Arkansas due to all of the flooding they have had & needs a new home she is with a foster family about 1/2hr from my house & the foster family have 3 small kids & 3 other dogs she is very gentle & loves to play with the kids & the dogs.

    Diamond is an 18 pound German Shepard mix girl who is about 6 months old (estimated date of birth is 1/1/08).

    Diamond has been housetraining with no accidents, she knows sit and down commands, and she walks nicely on a leash. She's a super sweet girl; she gets along great with all other dogs. !

    Diamond is up to date on vaccines, she dewormed, and she has been spayed. She's a great all around dog!

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    Good on ya, Chuck. She looks like a sweetie. We've got a "purebred yellow" dog with a lineage somewhat like Diamond' her with pretty low mileage from the Used Dog store, and she's been a pleasure to own. (She doesn't have that "new dog" smell anymore, though.)
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    My guy loves his bone, and he loves to be near us..especially during thunder in bed with a favorite toy until the storm passes, then sheepishly back into the kitchen..ya gotta love it
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    Very cool. Does she bark with a drawl?
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    She looks and sounds like a winner Chuck. I'm sure your family will love having her as much as she will love being a part of your family.


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    Thanks guys, Click pic for full size.

    This is a pic of Panda (black dog) a Chow/collie mix we had for 17 yrs I had to have her put down about 1-1/2 yrs ago That was the hardest thing to do I cried like a baby. The other one is a rescue dog Lexy she's a Shepard/Lab mix she was malnourished until we got her cause of her not getting a constant supply of food she is a runt but she has adopted us we've had her for 3 yrs now & is very much a part of our family./ We wanted a playmate for her & LOML found Diamond who is another rescue dog we just did the comp paperwork to adopt her I'll let you know how it comes out I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

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    Very cool! Rescue dogs rock!! Can you tell I'm a little partial to rescue? Jim.
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    She looks like a sweetheart! Who could resist that face!! Diamond looks like she'll be a great addition to your family.


    We picked up Petey a few years ago. He's not the brightest bulb, but I've never had a more loving and gentle dog. (Chihuahua/border terrier mix)

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    I also would rather get a rescue dog cause mix breeds don't have the health issues that pure breeds have also they do appreciate giving them a home or should I say they allow you to live in their home.

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