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Thread: inlay kit

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    inlay kit

    I thinking about using inlay on one of my project. I never did it before, just seen as David Mark used on TV.
    Which inlay kit should I use? I have DW 618 and Colt routers.
    Thank you, Ed.

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    I've heard good reports on this one from MLCS and ordered it recently, but haven't had a chance to use it yet. Don't know if your DeWalt is set up to accept Porter Cable guide bushings, but if not, you might check the big box to see if they have the Vermont American Universal router plate adaptor. If not, Sears has the same one with their Craftsman label on it. Both are made to accept the PC bushings and are cheaper than the one listed on that link from MLCS.
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    Depending on what you want to inlay I know a laser head guy that can cut some very precise inlays.

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