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Thread: Maple Bowl

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    Maple Bowl

    I know, another thick bowl? I can't stop!

    This blank was pretty stable as it still has no cracks to date! It has a small bark inclusion and some pretty good figure in it too. I added the rings to the rim, but I'm not sure I like them. The pics don't show the side view well, but there is a rim that is about 2" tall that is cut in about 1/4" and then the sides get curve down. Finish is just watco oil.
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    Beautiful Jeff!

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    That is thick, and I know I would not want to see only thick bowls on a table for sale... but a few for variety would be nice to take a look at and compare.

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    The rings are ok Jeff but I am not to much into thick bowls. Just me though.
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    I like the rings on this one, but IMO it's a bit over-thick. I was discussing thick and thin bowls with someone else recently, and as I told him, thick-walled bowls can be tricky. There's a fine line between "clunky" and "cool". The trick is discovering where that line is. And the only way to discover it is to touch both sides a time or two. And of course that line will be different for everybody. Just find the line that fits your tastes and run with it.

    That said, you still did a fine job on this one.
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