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Thread: New old house!

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    New old house!

    This afternoon we signed our lives away, finally, on the 60 YO house we bought 'in town'. We went directly from the title company to the house and started ripping out the 20-30 year old, dog/rat urine soaked carpet. Aside from the designated potty areas, the original flooring looks to be in decent shape. I'm going to try to refinish those myself, then paint and replace the baseboards, put up crown, and redo at least the floor (tile) in both bathrooms. Our objective is to leave the house as 'old' as possible to retain the charm, and only do 'minor' things to update (like adding the crown). We'll make do with the exisiting cabinets that are probably original, but we'll be moving the fridge to another wall and adding cabinets around it. Also be replacing the one year old dark Corian counter with tile.

    I anticipate being a busy lad for the next three weeks anyway...

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    Congrats Kirk take your time & have fun while your doing it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kirk Constable View Post
    I anticipate being a busy lad for the next three weeks anyway...
    Try months... maybe years!

    Congrats on the house. I love almost everything about houses. Especially construction. I built a new old house. Only a very few ever realize that it's new. Most everyone thinks we remodeled an old house and that was our goal.
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    What Art said.

    Congrats, KC. Sounds like you've got your free time booked for a while.
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    Congratulations on the "new" house Kirk! I hope the renovations go smoothly. Just don't bite off too much at one time! (DAMHIKT)

    Have fun and post pics.


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