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Thread: Selling stuff to keep the house

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    Selling stuff to keep the house

    This has been a very tough year so far financially so I'm now faced with some very tough choices. I need to get money in asap or risk losing our house. I'd rather not have to do this but tough times demand tough choices.

    Festool TS55 + extra 55 rail and connectors. 2 months old. - $450 obo

    Festool MFT 1080 - 2 years old, great shape + the usual kerfs - $300 obo

    Veto XXL bag - light use - $100 obo

    Hitachi 18v 4 pc set (drill / cs / rs / flashlight) - $125 obo

    Hitachi 14" band saw - needs a new trunion casting for the table as it fell off the stand - $60 obo

    PC framing nailer - 2 months old - $140 obo

    PC roofing nailer - 2 months old - $140 obo

    All items are located in Hagerstown MD. Interested parties can pm me here or email me: patrickATneoshedDOTcom
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    Patrick, I don't have the $$ to get anything you listed, but I hope everything turns out for the better. Things are tight/tough for many out there, be sure to know everyone here is pulling for you.
    A man is rich in proportion to the number of things he can afford to let alone. -Henry David Thoreau
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    Cheers for the well wishes mate
    daiku woodworking

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