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Thread: Knew it was going to happen but still wasn't ready for it...

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    Knew it was going to happen but still wasn't ready for it...

    We had to put my old boy to sleep Monday mid day. He has been fighting liver problems for over a year, losing weight because he just didn't think anything and I mean anything, tasted good. He quit eating all together Friday. Wouldn't get up unless we made him, then had even more trouble walking than was normal lately. He would drink watered down Gatorade, chicken broth, or yogurt if Glenna syringed it into his mouth, but would spit out anything solid unless you forced it down his throat. So we knew it was time. He gave lots of kisses all weekend, and right up to the shot. He went quickly with no struggles, which was a comfort. But I gotta admit....I balled like a baby for a few minutes. In fact I'm tearing up as I type this.
    He had a great life, I just wish it didn't have to end. Glenna said she knew it was her feelings talking, but she wants a puppy out of him. (We froze semen 6 or 7 years ago for an artificial insemination sometime down the road) None of the other Irish around here have his beautiful head shape.
    Thanks for letting me share, and further the healing process. Jim.

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    I'm so sorry that the time came for your dear friend. Feel relieved that you did all you could do for him. The passing of time will help the hurt, but you will have fond memories forever. My wife's favorite dog had a similar end to his life about 3 years age. We still miss him, but are thankful for the years we had with him. That pup will undoubtedly be a favorite in your family when the time comes for another canine companion.


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    Jim, my sympathies to you and yours. I know I dread the day we have to say goodbye to our 'old man'. He's 10 and starting to show signs of arthritis.
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    Jim, I could tell his time was coming, based on some of your previous posts, but I'm still very sorry to see that it happened. May the pain be brief and the memories be forever. You know you did the right thing.
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    Thankfully he had a wonderful family who loved him very much. Sorry to hear about his passing, but he gave you lots of good memories, enjoy them.

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    Sorry Jim. My dogs and I are wishing you our best.
    Thanks, Mark.

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    My sympathies and condolences go out to you. I'm sure he was a fortunate pup to have lived his life with your family...

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    Sorry about that, not for being something expected hurts less.
    I'm sure that if there is a dog's heaven he'll be there chasing endless rabbits.
    Best regards,

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    Jim - I'm so sorry for your loss! May your hearts heal quickly!

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    jim, that's a tough job...we went through it several years ago and it's just painful. one thought i've always had as we enjoyed all five of our dogs over the last 40 years....wouldn't it be great if people could be as honest about their feelings as dogs??? no phony posturing, no bravado...if they love you they let you know continuously, whether you smell good at the moment or games...and most importantly, no ego.

    hope you get your new puppy as we did and pour all the affection into that lucky devil.
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