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Thread: Walnut Salad Bowl

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    Walnut Salad Bowl

    Walnut Salad Bowl... at least I think that is what it is...? 8 x 3 inches. Finished with my own food safe formula.

    Had the hardest time with the bottom photo...oh well.

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    Very nice, Jon. And if you're not into salad, it looks like it'd make a fine popcorn or ice cream bowl, too.
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    Great looking bowl Jon. I think some popcorn would look great in it. Well Done.
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    It is a beauty Jon. Naw no popcorn. A pint of Dark Sweet Cherry ice cream would look nice in it though.
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    Very nice Jon!
    I really like the bottom.
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    I'm from Texas, have driven past the little creamery in Brenham many times and can say that is definitely a Bluebell Ice Cream bowl...Homemade Vanilla.

    Great job on it, too, Jon.

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