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Thread: New house carpet demo

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    New house carpet demo

    I say demo because it hasn't been pretty! Lets just say that when they put the pad down, they must've used all the scrap pieces from another job. Lots of staples in the field of the floor, along with occasional glue. And of course, staples all along the perimeter. Several DOGS also lived on this carpet... so in addition to the very frequent spots all over the place, they had several places along the walls that were favorite areas. Pulling the tack strips up in those places was distinctly unpleasant. Also, area over the grate for the old gas furnace was the most favorite of all. Picture shows the pad actually soaked through and stuck UNDERNEATH the grate. Blecch! Anyhoo... pics. First the exterior before painting, then after...

    LOML pulling staples from the middle of the floor...

    Smallish dining room with built-ins...

    The doggie's favorite tinkle spot... the old heater grate...

    And finally, the carpet and pad waiting to go to the dump tomorrow. Now only ONE room smells completely like dog pee.

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    Wow, the previous owners just carpeted over the old furnace grate, huh? Some people amaze me.

    Looks like the floor underneath the carpet is definitely worth saving.
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    Nice paint job. The green suits. It looks sort of like a rambling add on, add on, add on, house. (If so, how is the interior layout with all those additions grafted on?)

    And I agree with Vaughn, that floor looks pretty decent in the photo. Well, except for that furnace grating.

    We're lucky, around here the trash man will take carpet, provided we've cut it up into 36-40" rolls.
    There's usually more than one way to do it... ........

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    You can call this guy up and talk to him. He is very knowledgeable on getting rid of smells. I've used him and his products for a few customers during remodels and the results have all been great.
    Thanks, Mark.

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    My brother put in an offer on a house with the same problem. The estate had removed the carpet, but the stains and odor remainde for the buyer. He talked to a flooring guy who said he'd never had a complaint about linger dog pee odor after sanding and refinishing the floors. I think they were going to treat the spots with something at some point in the process to help but apparently the poly really seals in the odor. We also have a friend who bought a house with pee stains like yours only hers weren't from a 4-legged animal. Where she was recarpeting she painted the spots with Kilz and eliminated the odor.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Art Mulder View Post
    Nice paint job. The green suits. It looks sort of like a rambling add on, add on, add on, house. (If so, how is the interior layout with all those additions grafted on?)
    The original house is a small 2/1. The far 'addition' was the garage, which they also extended to add a laundry/bath area. There's now a carport added on to that. At some point, there was a breezeway between the house and garage... maybe when they closed in the garage... which at some later point they added to and made a 20 x 20 or so enclosed room between the the other areas. The original 'back door' out of the kithen and the door out of the dining room that shows in the pics step down into the 20 x 20 area. Also there's a door out of the big bedroom that steps down to that room.

    It is a bit 'rambling', but almost perfect for the way we 'use' a house.

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    I used to manage foreclosed properties. Literally, y'all would not believe the condition of some of the houses I had to get cleaned up. Some I couldn't walk into the air was so foul. Cat hoarders were the worst. I always carried and used a very bright flashlight before entering the bathrooms. Many had floors which were rotted so badly they wouldn't support weight or had a huge hole right in the middle. How folks lived under those conditions, I can't understand.
    Folks is funny critters. In cases like this, that is not really funny.
    Good luck on your project. In time you will forget it and be enjoying your new home.

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