Got up Sunday morning and the power had been out. Nothing uncommon around here. I needed to check out my route for bringing home the combine. fired up the computer. It no sooner finished booting and the power went out and back on 3 times real quick.

Well bad things happened, the power supply went to sparking and smoking Got around to fixing it today so I could quit using the wifes computer. Installed anouther power supply I had here, plugged it in and it booted right up

Heres where it gets weird though. I have an older Nokia 445Xi monitor. The last month or so it has been wigging out. Turning off randomly, sometimes you can't get it to turn on, Colors get weird. Since the power surge, it seems to be working fine. I'm not compaining mind you, but I did have the wife talked into buying a new flat screen. oh well this is cheaper