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Thread: Thanks Bernie

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    Thanks Bernie

    After reading Bernie's posts about Doug Thompson lathe tools I took the plunge at the Richmond symposium. Bought 3 bowl gouges and 1 detail gouge.

    Happy to report that they are everything he said they were. Hold an edge a long time and cut like butter. Bought a couple handles from Jeff Peebles (if I remember the name correctly)(guess I didn't it's Dave Peebles, Thanks Vaughn), he was sharing a table with Doug and really like them too.

    I had already purchased the bowl gouges and then Bernie was behind me in a demo rotation. Told me the detail gouges were great so I went back for 1 more. He must be working on commission.

    Thanks for the heads up Bernie.
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    Welcome to Club Thompson, Doug. I know you'll be happy with the gouges, and from everything I've read, Dave's handles are top-notch, too.
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    Yep Doug. I split 50/50 on the Thompson tools and 60/40 with Daves handles. Thanks for the sale. Yea right. NOT!!

    I did use the detail gouge today and must say it is awesome. The handles that Daves sell's are just beauties. So easy in the hands with just the right amount of weight.
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