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Thread: Chunky Cherry bowl

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    Chunky Cherry bowl

    I went for the thick look on this one....................

    Measures about 11" wide and 5" tall. Finish is veggy oil as it is intended to be a user. Pics don't do the wood justice!

    Comment/critique away!

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    Barry great utility bowl, I don't know about veggie oil, won't it spoil. Mineral oil or salad bowl finish is what I've seen recommended. I've used salad bowl finish before, you just wait 2-3 days until you can't smell the finish and its ready to use. Good Luck, great job, someone is going to like that bowl for a long time....Bruce
    PS Thick is the new thin....
    Always like learning something new!

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    Looks like it'd work for Chunky Cherry, Chunky Chocolate, or even Rocky Road.

    Great job, Barry, whatever you decide to put in it.
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    Barry you did a great job. I like the thicker look. Well done.
    Bernie W.

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    I'm with Bernie, I like the thicker look. Nicely done.

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