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Thread: Hand tools for sale ITEM ADDED

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    Hand tools for sale ITEM ADDED

    I spent 4 hours yesterday going to an incredible estate sale. I hope to share my good fortune by offering these items at very fair prices. Shipping will be extra, but I'll be happy to cram as much as I can into a flat rate box for you. I will accept checks or paypal. First to say "I'll take it" will get the item. Thanks,

    Fulton 5272 plane. This is the size of a Stanley #3. I have not fettled it, but it looks to be in good shape. The tote is from a Stanley that I repaired and have used for a while. It had a crack, but it's fixed and feels fine. Should be an excellent user once cleaned up and honed. The iron looks good, but needs sharpening. $25.

    An AMT new dowel pointer. Not great quality, but it does work, I tried it. $10.

    Crown brad driver, in orig packing sleeve. In case you don't know, you slip a brad in the hollow end, then press it into your work. Brass is a little tarnished, otherwise, like new. $9

    Kunz flat bottom spokeshave. Looks new, with factory grind on iron. I know Kunz aren't supposed to be too good, but for $10, it's yours.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Fulton 5272.jpg   Fulton 5272 -2.jpg   Fulton 5272 -3.jpg   AMT pointer.jpg   crown brad setter.jpg  

    Kunz spokeshave.jpg   Kunz spokeshave bottom.jpg  
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