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Thread: Weinig Online Profile Catalog

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    Weinig Online Profile Catalog

    I just received an E-mail from Weining USA detailing their Online Grinding Service. While this is way over my head, there may be some of you interested in this service.

    The E-mail and site say:

    Browse over 2500 Profiles
    Our online Profile Catalog contains over 2500 profiles organized by category. You select a profile, purchase it online and we send you the product layout, profile knives and templates by two-day delivery or delivery method of your choice.

    Send Us Your Drawing or Sample
    If you already have a drawing, CAD file or an existing sample, send it to us and we will produce a dimensional CAD drawing and send it to you for approval. When we receive your approval we produce your templates and knives and send them to you by two-day delivery.

    Custom Grinding Service
    Only the Weinig Custom Grinding Service offers product layout, template and knife production by Weinig technicians experienced in the operation of both moulders and grinders. All of our precision profile knives are produced according to the Weinig Axial Constant System, which can reduce setup time by 50% on any throughfeed moulder.

    As a benefit to your business, Weinig now offers precision rough-ground corrugated knives at greatly reduced prices. Just put these into a cutterhead, make a quick rough and finish grind on the knives, and you're ready for production.

    Lead Time
    Lead time for custom or stock ground knives & templates is typically 3 days from the time of order confirmation. Templates & rough ground knives have a 24 hour turn around from the time of order confirmation.

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    good info! thanks frank.
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    Thanks for the link.

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