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Thread: Need More Photo Help

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    Need More Photo Help

    I'm putting this in the "showcase" forum since photos are our way of showcasing our work to others.

    First, the pic...a Cedar bowl that has a really great finish in person.

    I can't seem to get the entire bowl in focus. I have the aperture set at small as it will go. I'm using a photo tent with three 5000k 40 watt lights and a tripod with the shutter set for a 2 second delay.

    Anybody got any more tips?
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    Beautiful bowl, Cody!

    As for the photograph: how close do you have the camera when taking the shot. If I remember correctly, and there's certainly no guarantee there, the further back you are from the subject the greater depth of field you can achieve. So you may just need to move back a bit further. Don't take my word for it, remember the memory thing, try a test or two to see what difference it will make. Hope it helps.
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    Gord nailed it. Closer you are, the smaller depth of field. Sometimes you are better off with a small image and then enlarging later. Since you understand the effect of aperture, that is probably your only option.

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