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Thread: Bought some wood on CL

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    Bought some wood on CL

    It was advertised as 25BF of mahogany. I didn't do the BF math and I wouldn't know mahogany if I tripped over it, but this looks like nice wood.

    The long pieces are all 3/4" thick stock with varying widths. The longest pieces are 8' long. The widest piece is 11" wide.

    The shorter narrow pieces are 1" thick stock.

    I paid $50 for this and some pine shelves (not pictured).

    Now I need a project to build with it.

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    $2.00 a bf? I dunno but, compared to what the big box stores get for other stuff, it sounds like a deal.
    I'll bet Tod chimes in on this. He uses a fair amount of mahogany.

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    Sounds like a deal to me, and I'm guessing it's more than 25 board feet, too. (I figure 16 boards at 48" x 6" x 3/4" is 24 BF, and I think your average board is bigger than 48" x 6".)
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    If you can't find a suitable project, send it over here and I'll make good use of it
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    I see a Greene & Greene table in there someplace.
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