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Thread: SHE MADE IT!

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    Forgive me for shouting on the title line--I'm just a little excited. A young lady that I had it class for 3 years of middle school was just named to the 2008 US Women's Gymnastics Olympic team! Congratulations to Bridget Sloan! Bridget is a hard working, enthusiastic and very nice girl. She has spent countless hours practicing and now has reached the first part of her goal. If you were to meet her, you would think she is a typical teenager--there is no arrogance. She is just a great kid; did I mention she is also an honor student?


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    Congrats to Bridget. (You must feel like a proud surrogate dad.) She's outperformed some pretty good gymnasts to get to that point. Best of luck to her in Beijing.
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    Cool! I'll bet it's pretty neat to have played a part in someones life that is at the top of the sport!

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    We will all be watching for her. It must be exciting to know an Olympian.

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