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Thread: Too many projects!

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    Too many projects!

    Hey, folks,

    While I was taking pics of the cutting board, I noticed what a mess the shop has become. This always happens when I have too many projects at once, especially when some of the projects are in the house or, as now, outside. I've got a full day of rearranging and clean up some time soon!

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	board 007 (Medium).jpg 
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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	board 006 (Medium).jpg 
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    What a mess! I post these so that others will feel better about their (minor) state of disorder!



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    hi bill ,

    first off , that cutting board is beatiful

    second, my shop was close to yours yesterday but i finally couldn't stand it anymore . i spent a couple of hours getting it back to somewhat normal. no pics because it isn't that far along yet .....just workable again
    what are you building today ??


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    Too many projects

    Funny, my shop looks like that or worse, and I am only working on one pro-
    ject. Oddly enough, the project that I am working on is one designed to help
    me clean up my shop. It is a mobile tool cart built to the same dimensions as
    my tablesaw. It is designed to hold most of my hand-held power tools and
    many of my hand tools. It will also serve as an outfeed table for my table-

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    If it wasn't for that beatiful cutting board I would have thought that you sneaked in mine to take the pics. The last plane I made two days ago I was using the table saw as a place to leave things and make the glue-ups and take the pics.

    Today I just cleaned and tidied the mess...
    Best regards,

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    Looks like a normal, working shop, Bill. As a mutual friend out West would say...yours is a GO shop, not a ShOW shop!

    BTW, that cutting board is awesome!

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    yeah but

    Quote Originally Posted by Chuck Thoits View Post
    Mess what mess? Thats what mine looks like clean
    your from the dark ages or at least part of the time you are
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chuck Thoits View Post
    Mess what mess? Thats what mine looks like clean

    Thanks, Bill, for clearing my conscience.
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    Heck, if I don't have to move at least a dozen pieces of scrap and/or assorted tools from the bench to make room for what ever I'm doing, I think I must be in someone else's shop.

    Those outdoor projects do create a lot of mess. I't take me a couple more weeks of "topping off" the trash can on trash day to clear out the rest of the leftovers from the pergola project.

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    Great board. My shop phases in and out of 'orderly' as I'm doing projects. I have a rolling worktable that is my landing pad for all the stuff I use during one phase of a project or the other. This surface gets cleared off (things put away) between phases. Sometimes though the whole place just goes up for grabs and a major 'fall-back and regroup' is required. The indicator for me is when I turn around to set something down and there is no flat surface avaiable. Its just the natural order of things in my shop ;-)
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    Ditto here. Mine gets its worst when unexpected things come up while i'm in the middle of another couple of projects. I was in the middle of rebuilding a shaper, two motors, and some general house maintenance chores when the lawn mower conked out and my Dad dragged a small pile of lumber over to be jointed and planed. I'm also mid stride on some built-in casework for the dining room - the cabinet carcasses are standing in a corner of the shop.
    cabinet pieces, mower parts, motor parts, shaper parts. Sounds like i need a kegerator to cope with the situation.
    Paul Hubbman

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