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Thread: bandsaw blades....turning stock

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    bandsaw blades....turning stock

    Here's my question.... my friend grizzz has a couple of logs that would make some good turning stock but he needs to cut them down to size for my lathe. Can he use a 2" bandsaw blade to cut them or is that to big???? He can't get the bandsaw to work with the smaller keeps traveling so he thought he would try the larger blade... gee I hope that will work.... I don't want to miss out on any wood I could use for turning!!!!
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    You won't be able to turn much of a radius with that blade, but as long as it isn't a fine tooth one you should be able to make nice straight cuts and turn the logs to blocks.

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    What kind of saw is it, out of curiosity? Sounds like a monster bandsaw, or a dedicated resawer.

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