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Thread: Sign makeing tools

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    Sign makeing tools

    I have been asked to fix a sign for the conservation glub. It is in rough shape and I am thinking of scraping it and makeing new. The problem is: That I either have to cutt all the letters on the ss and fasten them to the board or Find templates large enough to engrave them useing a router. Looking around I have not seen any letter templates over 2" tall. The sign is close to three feet tall and close to five feet long. The letters on there know are alittle over 4". This one of those jobs where I donate my time and run around and get everything needed to either fix or make new.

    If it was you makeing the new sign, which way would you do this. I want it to look exellent in hopes later on my nae will come up for paying jobs there. For materail I plan on useing MDO. o.k. off to bed for awhile.

    P.S. If this should be over in plans please move it.

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    If I understood well a rather easy but a bit time consuming way of doing it is as follows:

    Find the font that you like on your PC, write the word/s with that font on your favourite word processor.

    Print them on a A4 paper and proceed to enlarge them to the right size using a photocopier. To find out the exact enlargement ratio just calculate the scale factor from your actual size and the size that you want to obtain.

    Or just use the usual try and check method. But then you'll have to make a few copies before getting the right size.

    Glue the copy to the sheet that you want to cut the letters from and cut them using a jig saw or a fret saw.
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    Sign makeing tools

    Ha Ha, Toni beat Tony to the answer. And we seem to be thinking alike too.

    Hi Al,

    Well, I have had a lot of experience in doing just what you are talking about.

    I think you should consider doing a scaled down layout of what you need for the sign on your computer. Then print it out so you can enlarge it to a full size pattern, either by going to Kinko's or someplace like that, OR, if you can get your hands on an opaque projector or overhead projector, you can blow the layout directly on your material.

    I would cut what you need with a router or scroll or band saw. But if this is an exterior sign, I would shy away from MDF unless you can seal it well enough to keep moisture out of it. Make sure you seal all the edges and at least prime the back sides of everything.

    I always used MOD plywood for signs. They lasted many years and some got refinished but with no substrate deterioration. Maybe I can dig up and post an example of what I'm talking about.

    Wish I was closer to help you. You should be a ble to do a nice job of this. Let us see pictures too.

    Aloha, Tony
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    Or you can buy my Terrco DupliCarver and replicate the old sign.

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    I like Franks idea, but trying to work around the splits and all would not be fun.

    Toni, Tony- I will look into getting the sizes and fonts that they like. The sign now looks like one of those old camp signs. Made up of 2x6 glued together and points cut off the ends( post pics later).

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