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Thread: Welcome from Hungary

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    Welcome from Hungary

    I send my greeting from Hungary, in Club of Hungarian Amateur Woodturners name!
    We a relatively little community are. Our site ( ) the 2007. ran in his February, and there are 106 members in the club currently.
    I am asking you, inspect our side!
    Our head side articles on an English language legible, and place is provided for the talks with an English language in the forum.
    I hope that a good contact will take shape between the two clubs!

    Bye: Jakab Szilárd (Shiva72 admin in CHAW)
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    Welcome Jakab and the Club of Hungarian Amateur Woodturners, thank you for joining us. I look forward to visiting your Web site. As with others, woodworking is an international community!

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    Thanks for joining us. I briefly looked at your site this morning and there's some nice work there. We're getting quite the cosmopolitan flavor here with members from Japan, Australia, Mexico, Spain, Poland, Canada, Netherlands, Germany, the UK and now Hungary too. We've even got some members from Arkansas. Glad to have you aboard.
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    Welcome to the Family Jakab.
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    Hi Jakab
    Took a quick look at your site. Very nice stuff! Don't worry about your English, Most of us struggle with it too. Cheers, Barry

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    Welcome Jakab.!

    I'll look at your site tonight. Thanks for the link.
    Best regards,

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    Welcome Jakab. Nice stuff on your site. We have several countries involved here and I look forward to having your input. My Portugese is a little rusty so I went to the Angol part of the forum.
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    Welcome Jakab. I have checked out the web site. It has some excellent work and nice pictorial instructions too.

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    Hi all!

    I say thank you for the warm-hearted welcome to everybody!

    I hope for it I find an answer in many questions here at you!

    Bye: Jakab Szilárd
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    Club of Hungarian Amateur Woodturners

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    hi jakab!
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