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Thread: Arbor Installed - Finally

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    Arbor Installed - Finally

    Well, Ive been attempting to get a few projects done around the house. Believe it or not, I actually did cut up some wood! No fine woodworking here. Just a bit of wood butchering.
    We have wanted to visually divide the yard from the driveway for a while, and had never been able to come to a decision as to what to do. Well, last fall, Kmart had a bunch of summer/outdoor stuff on closeout. Not the highest quality items, but good enough to give us a feel for what we will want in the long run.
    The arbor (as seen in the center) was only $14 so I got two. They are made of cedar but to be safe, I did repaint them. One was left in stock form, and the other was cut-up to create the wings. I used my EZ Smart guide and circular saw since some of the wood was less that straight. The wings were assembled with pocket screws and Titebond III. I did upgrade the hardware on the stock arbor to thru carriage bolts versus the original threaded inserts.
    It still needs some touch-up on the paint, and the landscaping finished around it (was thinking a few large pots with climbers of some sort to hide it). But the major construction is done. Im not sure how long it will last, but I think it will give us enough experience to know what Ill need to build if anything. Oh, and LOML is happy.
    Thanks for looking, any comments/criticisms or suggestions for the future are welcome.

    PS Sam thought he should be in one picture for scale.
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    That worked out nicely, Wes. For $28, you'd have a hard time buying the raw materials.
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    I agree, nice scale, and a very nice transition from driveway to backyard.

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    Looks good Wes! Nice job!
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    Very nice. I am sure that will earn you a few points.

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    Thanks for being kind guys. I know the set-up is kinda cheesy, but I think it will serve the purpose. I can see already the next (final?) iteration will have a wider walk-thru to accommodate any stuff that needs to go into the yard from the driveway. Kind of a trade-off between function and aesthetics (blocking the view of the cars.) A lot of the "design" was dictated by the size of the original pieces on hand.

    My big mistake was painting it with a brush - what a pain. For the purpose, I should have let it go and just touched up the cut pieces - but nooo.

    I figure a few years from now I'll be looking harder at what will replace this. That is if this one lasts that long.


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