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Thread: Five Barns Host Report

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    Five Barns Host Report

    Greetings all

    We are pretty much recovered from the picnic, and catching up on regular life. In short, it was a blast! This years attendance was down a little from past years. We figured that around 70 people showed up throughout the event. Gas prices, weddings, birthdays, and other things conspired to keep some people away. But those who came all seemed to have a good time, as evidenced by the feedback we have gotten.

    Probably the strongest indication I can give as to its success is that yes, we will be doing it again next year!

    It is a lot of work, but much of that work comes from the good people who attend. The shop would never have been ready without my usual helpers who arrive early every time to help with the last minute details of cleanup and organization.

    In addition to that, the food was great this year, and a lot of that credit goes to you folks who took the time and trouble to prepare and transport it. We had some of the usual delicacies, as well as some new ones to try. And the balance this year was great! You would have thought we had a sign up sheet or something the way everything worked out.

    We enjoyed everyone's company, the food, the woodworking, and the music. I would like to thank all of you for coming, and especially those who helped out with various jobs throughout the day. Cleaning up after this crowd has never been a chore, and that is a tribute to all of you who attended.

    Finally, there is the always present lost and found. This year, as in most others, I have nothing to report in the lost department. In the found department, I have already identified a couple of owners, but I have a few things that need homes:

    Dominic - did you leave a bottle stopper mandrel? There is one on the table saw.

    There is also a blue coffee cup which I think I know who owns it.

    I also found a pair of brown work gloves by the band saw.

    If anything else comes up, I will post it in this thread.


    PS I was busy enough that I did not get to take any pictures (as usual). If anyone has some they would not mind sending along, I would be glad to see them. Well, except Ned of course, who left his camera at home. I have high speed internet, so they can be any size.
    Bill Grumbine

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    Glad to see it was a successful event, Bill. Kudos to you for hosting it. One of these years I hope to make it out there for the picnic.
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    Sorry I couldn't make it this year, sounds like there was a lot of interesting things happening. 5 Barns is always a great time and the people are the greatest.

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