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Thread: Router cut dove tails in plywood?

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    Router cut dove tails in plywood?

    Does anyone know if you can cut dovetails with a router in plywood?
    Or has anyone done this before?

    I was thinking about building some drawers for under my bench, and I have alot of extra plywood sitting around. I'm just not sure how the plys would hold up as dovetails and pins.

    Thanks !
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    Yes. I have done it with good results - on good plywood. I don't know that I'd try it with off the shelf big box plywood. Be careful and slow - take very light cuts on the veneer before pushing through.
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    I had some big box 3/4" ply left when I built my Table Saw cart/work support and needed two drawers. I used the 3/4" ply with all sliding dovetails to make the drawers and they worked out great.

    I did a series of pics from a SketchUp drawing showing the cuts and such. If you're interested I'll post em.

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    You can put a piece of sacrificial wood (1/4" mdf or the likes) over the face ply to help blowout of the thin veneer.

    Good luck


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