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Thread: Where is Larry Merlau ? ** Heading Home **

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    Where is Larry Merlau ? ** Heading Home **

    Well he showed up outside my shop to pick up something he sent on ahead for me to keep until he & Randi could stop by & pick it up.

    Just a little of his beautiful handiwork.

    A hope chest for a bride.

    While Larry & Randi were here we all had a nice fish dinner thanks to Larry & Randi & to short of time to visit. But it looks like Larry & I may be getting together to visit Grizzly, Western Tool & Hardware Sales in Bellingham.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Larry Hope Chest 1A.jpg  
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    Looks like both Larry and the hope chest survived the ride west.

    I think Larry has met more Family members face-to-face than anyone else here.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vaughn McMillan View Post
    I think Larry has met more Family members face-to-face than anyone else here.
    I do believe you're right Vaughn.

    He really does get around. He's got that wanderlust.

    Does this mean there's another sale going on at the Merlau hacienda back in Delton? I'm sure there must be wood?


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    We'll have to contact Steve, he had the Key last I knew...

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    He sure does get around. Had a nice visit here.

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    well ther eaint no

    moss growin on my feet, and this time the shop is under tom neihme's control steve A has to much work to get done,, well bart missed part of the story a politicale thing i think... we actually met in home depot while i was looking for just the right gift for this bride to be... he and his wife were very cordial one more time the family has spread to far away places and yet the freindship still is prevalent so karl get with tom and yes i will have some extra wood soon got some more coming in and need to thin out the supply.. and vaunghn your safe for now you are to far south unless your headed north soon.. the buuba hat i got in the south has made along jounrney this year already,, and the airplane attendant loved it, she made several conversations with me marty, or maybe it was just the southern charm you innoculated it with well its off to the brides home today for the delivery and i will get another pic so that i can show the plaque that nancy made for me to make this a gift to rememeber for this specail young lady,, so thanks again nancy for the plaque you done is very timley fashion.. well the train whistle is blowing so i am off to the next stop....

    update: well the bride liked her gift and we got to see some of washingtons mountains, mt baker is an awesome sight to see.. tommrrow itsoff to the tool shops with bart!!!
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    That chest is super, Larry.... Heirloom for sure.

    Glad it arrived, and hats off to Bart for taking care of it for you. Have a great time together, and then........

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    Oh Karl

    there sure is wood in Larrys stash to be had, his shelfs are about overflowing.
    if he has more comming soon, some thinning of the stash is necessary. what do you need, red oak? white oak? cherry? Larrys got is all. Only problem is larry left me in charge and did'nt let me know when he is returning, so fast action is in the upmost importance.
    Larry, good looking chest, the bride will for sure be pleased. enjoy your trip and don't hurry home


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    Yep...I been busier than a one legged man in a butt kicking contest, so the keys are no longer with me.

    About that face to face meet thing.....I bet if I counted em, I'd be a close second.....I guess I need to get out more, or go with Larry on his excursions. Problem with that is....I gotta work.....Larry leads a charmed life.

    Hey boss....I hope you ae enjoying your stay out there....would you bring me home a souvenir?.....something other than a T-shirt? I'm glad you brought the missus on the trip, she needs quality time giving you's the mono sound vs. stereo sound like our trip into cheesehead land? BTW, I got one of those big cold aluminum beverage containers left over from the wedding out in the fridge.....and I ain't makin a dent in it as busy as I have been, how bout when you get home you guys come over and help me out with it?

    Have fun
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    Nice looking chest! And no, am not talking about either of the two gents in the picture!!!
    Beautiful work. Yeah, having met Larry in person, he is topnotch and genuine. Got to be careful using that word "genuine" the Belgians already bought Bud, don't want them buying Larry!

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