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Thread: Jet AFS-2000 Air Filtration System

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    Jet AFS-2000 Air Filtration System

    I have a couple of these and a JDS. Don't even have a shop right now so space is getting kind of tight. Used but not abused (and not used all that much). I think the manufacturer date is 2006. Some minor paint scratches from hauling them around but that's about it. Includes manual and remote. I will get some pics taken of the actual one I'm selling this week.
    I will be traveling from central Nebraska to Ames, IA (Des Moines) next week, then down to St Louis through Iowa City, or central Missouri; western IL on the 2nd. If you're along the way or not too far off the beaten path, I will be delivering it. You can try before you buy so to speak.
    Any questions, give me a shout.
    Asking price is $350 or best offer.


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